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Optimization & Protection

Optimization & Protection APIs seamlessly add to your payments experience. Many of these APIs integrate with our Online Payments APIs to provide functions such as reporting, notifications, and tokenization. Additionally, you can use some of these solutions in a standalone manner.

Optimization & Protection APIs are available in:

  • United States
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Brazil

What you can build

With Optimization & Protection APIs, you can build dedicated solutions to optimize authorizations, business operations, and costs as well as protect your business and consumers from fraud.


Create custom reports 

Customize data reports to fit your needs, run reports at any time, and follow the report generation statuses in real-time.


Set up callback notifications 

Get real-time, asynchronous updates about payment-related events across the payment lifecycle.


Tokenize your payment data 

Replace sensitive card data with a unique token that retains all the essential information without compromising security.


Combining Optimization & Protection APIs with your Online Payments API will enable you to deliver extra value in your payments solutions.

Obtain customizable access to transaction level payment data.

Subscribe to and receive real-time payment lifecycle updates.

Protect and secure card data to reduce risk.

Optimization & Protection Process Flow

How to

Learn how to get report types.

Learn how to manage report configurations.

Learn how to run reports.

Learn how to retrieve reports.

Learn how to subscribe to notifications.

Learn how to retrieve notifications.

Learn how to request tokens.

Learn how to request cryptograms.

Learn how to manage token lifecycles.

Learn how to request bulk tokens.

Learn how to manage bulk keys.

Next steps